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Stare Sady

Poland, Masuria Region, Stare Sady

1 house

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Without animals


Self catering

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Stare Sady is in the shadow of Mikołajki and they feel good about it. They share Lake Tałty with them, but fortunately the buzz of tourist madness is not here. Silence spills over the yards, the waterfront and stately villas. Sady used to be a village with a sailing hostel and three houses on the cross, and it was then, 20 years ago, that our father Jacek discovered this place. He built a family holiday home here. Made of wood, sealed with a natural rope, located in a large, tree-lined garden. One of the first holiday homes in the village. Over the years, we spent our summer here with wild pleasure, we watched Stare Sady from a small Masurian village turn into a polished recreational town. Private residences, sailing boats, well-kept communal beach, cozy restaurants. Much has changed, but not the climate of the Orchards. Masurian, green, calm, idyllic. Now, after years of serving us as best he can, the house has gained new interiors and is waiting for you. Make yourself comfortable in the house where we spent the best holiday moments, serve breakfast on the terrace, plunge into comfortable sofas in the living room, spread blankets in the garden, organize siestas, play matches on the grass. Admire the lake that awaits just outside the gate, scrub the sand on the village beach and enjoy the small-town atmosphere of Stare Sady.

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Aleksandra i Jacek
Hi, my name is Aleksandra. Flowers are my passion and together with my mother we run a family flower shop. In addition, I am a mother of four-year-old Tadzik and little Henio. A few years ago, we decided to renovate our summer house in Masuria and prepare it for you, Slowhoppers who are engaged and interested in new experiences. I often search for atmospheric places for myself and my friends. When preparing our place for you, we had the quality of your rest in mind. We have tried to make sure that you do not miss anything and that the time spent in Stare Sady is hassle-free and stress-free, just like it is for us when we relax in our cozy wooden house. See you soon! Now Jacek will contact you, I have to take care of my extended family.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English
We are not on-site, but you can always contact us

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Eco Alert

We mainly use eco-friendly detergents
We promote waste segregation among guests
We segregate garbage

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Our charms

Mosquitos on warm days
We don't walk around the house in shoes
Near the road
In the middle of the village (there are neighbours)
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We care about you

We disinfect the rooms between reservations
No-contact handing over of the keys
Linens are washed at high temperatures

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beautiful house for 6 and a woodshed for 4 people. Maximum 10 people
beautiful house for 6 and a woodshed for 4 people. Maximum 10 people
Lake Tałty just behind the fence
Lake Tałty just behind the fence
village beach 700 meters from the house
village beach 700 meters from the house
the house has a large living room with a fireplace
the house has a large living room with a fireplace
kitchen fitted to the ceiling
kitchen fitted to the ceiling

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Where will I relax?

Icon 1 house
Icon for up to 10 people
Icon 120 m²
Icon bathroom: 2
Icon king bed : 3
Icon sofa: 2
Icon baby cot: 1
Icon single bed : 2
Icon queen bed : 1
Icon Without pets

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Welcome to Lake Tałty, which is just outside the gate. The great blue contrasts with the great greenery of the garden, which has grown so much over the years that it creates a natural barrier against neighbors' glances and the sun. The area around the house is 1,600 m2, so you can sunbathe on the grass on each side, take a nap on a blanket, play football, read a book under a tree and practice hitting a shuttlecock with a paddle. In addition to the main house, which can accommodate 6 people, in the garden, tucked into the corner of the plot, there is a woodshed, i.e. a house - an extra bed for another 4 people. The main house is a cozy oasis of wood, stone, raffia, beautiful fabrics, warm light, white bedding and accessories that attract attention time and time again. The sun shines through the windows, the wind blows the curtains, there is always someone in the kitchen (which is well-equipped), and the sofas in the living room are as eagerly occupied as those on the terrace. When the outside temperature drops below 15 degrees, tropical heat is played in the fireplace and bath bombs are played in the bathtub. There are two bathrooms in the house - one with a shower, the other with a bathtub. There are three bedrooms to divide - each extremely cozy and each with a double bed. If you are coming to us with a group of more than 6 people, we will give you the keys to the woodshed house, which is located in the garden and has room for 4 people in two bedrooms. There are two single beds in the lower bedroom and one double bed in the upper bedroom. There is no bathroom in the woodshed, it's just a sleeping space, so your team will have to use the bathrooms in the main house. Then, in slippers or flip-flops, trudge to bed through the garden at night.

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Common space

Living room with couches
Terrace (70 m2)
Shared kitchen
Fireplace corner

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Barbecue area
Beach chairs
Tables in the garden

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Moderate cell phone reception
TV only in the common area
Access to Netflix

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For your comfort

We clean before your arrival
We clean during your stay on request (extra fee)
Towels (complete set per stay)
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What will I eat?

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Take your favorite snacks, fridge accessories, bottles with corks, screw caps and caps, something for a barbecue and to take in a picnic basket to the lake. The rest are at home. Plates, bowls, bowls, cups, glasses, cups, glasses, jugs, pots, pans, toaster, coffee machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven. You can roll up your sleeves and really go crazy. There is also a barbecue in the garden, so pickle, cut and throw on the embers. For a quick hunger, there are restaurants in Stare Sady, and we recommend our favorite places in the recommendations below.

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Food on-site

Free coffee

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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen
Espresso machine
Coffee percolator
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We recommend nearby restaurants

Potocki Gałkowo (23 km)
Oberża pod psem (21 km)
Smażalnia Ryb Zełwągi (10 km)
Bart Mikołajki (6 km)
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You can buy eco products nearby

Jajka (6 km)
Miód (6 km)

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Grocery stores nearby

Delikatesy centrum Mikołajki (6 km)
Biedronka (6 km)
U Mikołaja czynny w niedzielę (6 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In the countryside

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Things are going on slowly here, in the garden, on the terrace, in the living room, by the fireplace, by the lake. And although noisy Mikołajki is just around the corner, we have a good silence and likes to spread around the area. Our Stare Sady is a village that comes alive in the summer and the water can carry a song, the sound of motorboats, and the smell of barbecue spreads in the air. Outside of vacation, she is a bit dormant. You can then forget about tourists, not meet a living soul on the communal beach, eat without booking a table in restaurants, go by bike or on foot to Lake Miałkie, or venture to Jorzec. If you dream of sailing, you can rent the equipment with the helmsman in Mikołajki, go canoeing between the lakes, speed a motorboat on the depths or walk 10 minutes from the house to the communal beach to Lake Tałty. There are sand, deckchairs, a playground, tables where you can lay out provisions and stick your teeth into a juicy tomato, and then wash it down with compote. If you prefer a busy holiday, take your bikes with you. In close proximity, we have a forest ideal for a longer walk or a bicycle trip. If you prefer more sedate, there is plenty of space in the garden for sunbathing, reading books under the tree, lounging and napping. On the large terrace by the house there is a table with chairs, sun loungers and sofas. The evenings take place in the lounge. On the sofas, by the fireplace with easy access to the kitchen.

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For those who want relaxation

Beach (1 km)
Forest paths (1 km)
Board games

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (23 km)
Kayaks (15 km)
Ski lift (5 km)
Bicycles for rent in the area

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What’s there for children?

Stare Sady - What’s there for children?
Stare Sady - What’s there for children?

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Kids, pack your favorite water toys, Frisbee, kites, throw off your shoes and jump into inflatable rings. We have a large garden for you, where you can set up an inflatable pool (if you have one, take it with you), play football (they are there), bounce darts through the net (also on site) or organize stalking. Within a 10-minute walk there is a city beach with a playground. There you can safely splash, build castles, look for fish in the water and swim on SUPs (if you have your own board, take it with you). For ice cream, cotton candy and a souvenir from Masuria, you can take your parents to Mikołajki.

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Portable / travel bed for children
High chair
Children's crockery and cutlery

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Attractions for children in the area

Park Dzikich Zwierząt Kadzidłowo (16 km)
Spływ kajakami Krutnią (10 km)

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Stare Sady 25C, Stare Sady, Masuria Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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In the case of more than 6 people in the house - we provide an additional house (woodshed) with two double rooms

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 10 people

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Icon Arrival and departure times
Arrival from 16:00
Departure to 10:00
If possible we will allow earlier checkin / later checkout (please contact us just before arrival)

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Icon Other rules
RULES OF THE PLACE OLD SADY 28 1. The accommodation day lasts from 4:00 pm to 10:00 am the next day . 2. The reservation is considered binding upon the payment of 50% of the non-returnable deposit of the full amount of the reservation to the bank account or in the Slowhop system, depending on the booking method. The deposit is tantamount to accepting the place regulations. 3. The remaining 50% of the booking amount should be paid up to three days before arrival, with the simultaneous sending of the confirmation of the transfer to the e-mail address 4. Guests are charged a REFUNDABLE deposit payable by bank transfer in the amount of PLN 1000, which is a security against any damage caused by guests during the stay. The deposit is returned up to 5 working days from the day of check-out. 5. Transfers should be made to the bank account: Stare Sady 28 in the title of the transfer, please enter: Rent STARE SADY 28 on: 18 1140 2004 0000 3102 8146 0816 6. The Guest is responsible for any damage caused during the stay. 7. In the event of a breakdown or damage to the equipment of the houses, the guardian of the house (Ms Beata) should be immediately notified by phone or email. Failure to report a defect / damage will result in the payment of a repair fee from the deposit or liability for civil law liability if the cost of the repair exceeds the amount of the deposit. 8. An unguarded car park belongs to the Stare Sady site 9. It is not possible to drive the car directly to the houses. 10. Garbage segregation is obligatory. 11. It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes or other smoking products in the houses and on the terrace (the house and the terrace are made of wood). Smoking outside is possible, but it is obligatory to throw cigarette butts in the bin. 12. Guests are not allowed to leave a lit fireplace without the presence of an adult. When in use, the fireplace must be blocked with a protective partition. 13. Guests can use the charcoal grill only in a designated area. It is strictly forbidden to move the grill or leave it burning without adult supervision. 14. The Host reserves the right to cancel the reservation for reasons beyond his control, along with the reimbursement of the rental costs incurred by the landlord. 15. The wood that is prepared for guests on the left side of the fireplace is intended for use. In the event that it is not available, I am on the left side of the terrace. Wood by the woodshed is a decorative element of the house. 16. The owners of the place are not responsible for accidents resulting from irresponsible behavior of guests or inconsistent with the rules of the place. 17. If the Guests do not pay the second part of the fee for the stay and the deposit within the period specified in the booking rules, the Hosts reserve the right to cancel the booking without the possibility of refunding the deposit. 18. The space of the Stare Sady 28 site may not be used for commercial and advertising purposes without the consent of the site owners. For this type of activity, a separate contract is required, which conditions the use of the space and sets a separate fee for it. 19. For the safety of guests, the outdoor area and the parking lot are video monitored. 20. Dogs and cats are welcome, but we require landlords to clean up after their beloved pets. In the event of damage or contamination caused by animals, an additional cleaning fee will be charged from the deposit. 21. Failure to comply with the above points of the regulations may result in the deduction of a specific amount from the deposit, depending on the amount of damage and / or the degree of breaking the rules of the regulations.

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Bardzo fajny domek w pięknym miejscu, obok jez. Tałty, blisko do Mikołajek. Domek bardzo czysty, dobrze wyposażony, prosiliśmy o sprzęt dla dziecka (łóżeczko, krzesełko), właściciele wszystko dla nas przygotowali.


Piękne i ciche miejsce na reset. Duża zadbana i zalesiona działka. Byliśmy na przełomie października i listopada, więc większość pobytu spędzaliśmy w domu. Chatka jest super wyposażona i niczego w niej nie brakuje. Jest w niej dużo światła i przestrzeni. Dodatkowy atut to widok na jezioro! Warto zatopić się w kanapie na przeciwko kominka - jest mega wygoda :) Okolica sprzyja spacerom z czworonogiem. Polecamy tym, którzy chcą odpocząć w cichym i spokojnym miejscu. Dzięki za gościnę :)


Wonderful house in a quiet location. The house was very clean, the amenities were perfect and the lake was within walking distance. Unfortunately, it was too warm to use the jacuzzi and the fireplace, which certainly makes staying here outside of the summer very enjoyable as well. All in all we had a wonderful and relaxing time.

5.0 7 opinii