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Naturajdy: piesze wędrówki z końmi

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Maria i Krystian

We met thanks to horses and dreams. We believe that we only really do well what we do with love. Such work serves those who do it, and it also serves other people and the world. We want to combine work with everyday life. That is why we put a lot of effort and heart, slowly shaping our place on Earth so that people and animals can safely and happily stay in it, enjoying its natural charm.

Horses influence the nature of this place. They have a lot of freedom here, freedom, which is what they need and what we also value.
Chutor Wild Meadows is a family farm where we live with our children and pets. We do not want to destroy what / what we live in, we want to cooperate with it and care for the common good. We are inspired by traditional, old ways of doing various things, e.g. construction, but we also use modern ideas, especially if they lead to ecology.

We want our little land to be a source of inspiration for others as well. Anyone who likes to be close to nature can find themselves here....
Leisure, full play or activity, learning new things, outdoor activities? Rest, relaxation or fun with family and friends? We have space for that. more


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small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs
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  • Cash on the spot
  • Masłowice Tuchomskie 19a
  • 77-133 Masłowice Tuchomskie