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Joga, konie i przyroda w Mazurskim Folwarku

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Basia i Przemek

Hi! Basia and Przemek here. For years, we have been bound by nature protection, we have put our roots down here, fascinated by the landscape of Masuria Garbate. It is a completely different land than the nearby Giżycko or Mikołajki. Single farms are scattered on the tops of gentle moraine hills. You can expect bird watching tours and other close-up activities with nature. Clean rivers and lakes, forests, swamps, everything wild and full of birds. These are landscapes that have almost disappeared from the map of Europe. A stay in the Masurian Farm is a detox from the fast pace of life. It is enough to go through the old orchard to the green hill and immerse yourself in the view of meadows, cereals, nearby alder or a wet horsetail meadow. We close our eyes and (depending on the month) we hear toads, golden cranes, working bumblebees or the constant calls of barn and martins. And at night to remember what a sky full of stars is.

However, other inhabitants of the Masurian Farm are much more...
important than us: our two domestic cats - Szpulka and Sweter, sheep Pola and Bodzia, a group of over 20 horses and ponies, rabbits, dogs, green-legged hens and Polish crested hens. Not to mention the wild side of the menagerie :) more


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