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BreatheMama retreat dla mam z dziećmi w Tajlandii

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Karolina Kaczmarska

My name is Karolina and I invite you to experience our BreatheMama Retreats. Every day I am a mother of two little boys, Felek and Romek, and a happy wife, and for many years I have been professionally associated with non-governmental organizations, for which I gain sponsors for good things in the world. Like you, I play many roles in the world. My motherhood, just like yours, is not and has not always been easy.

We need space so much at this stage of our lives. The break I gave myself after years of intense and chaotic lifestyle helped me come back to life in harmony with myself with a new quality. I was looking for a place where I would be able to come with my children to take care of myself on many levels, but also to spend quality time with children. I didn't find it, so ... I created BreatheMama. The first edition 4 years ago took place in Thailand. It was supposed to be a one-off project, and it has grown and continues to grow.

I like traveling, good food, beautiful places, motherhood...
and I like having space for myself. I am interested in a holistic approach to life and techniques that help me better manage my life energy, maintain peace of mind and achieve everyday well-being - so as not to fly away from the ground. I believe in retreats. It is a space where you can stop at each level, re-arrange it, catch the impulse to change, and perhaps to make your real dreams come true.

Our participants say so.

We invite you to experience.


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Payment and booking conditions

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