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Chcę budować! Edukacyjne warsztaty budowlane

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Robert Karczewski

The plot was small, weedy and with 68 trees, which is a dream :-)
The trees waited for the inevitable. The idea of building a house between them was breakneck, even impossible, but... It worked! All the trees survived and stayed with us. Welcome to our Workshop.
We will tell you how to build a well-thought-out house that meets the real possibilities of everyone.
I am sure that after the workshop you will no longer get into a mortgage and believe in free, independent building.
We have a lot of "architectural toys" here, where I show how building a house really is. You will see that it is worth building your home only if it is "tailor-made".
You can take part in workshops, you can also stay with us. We will certainly feed you very tasty, because we are fans of real food ourselves.

We are happy to meet new people who think outside the box, like to do something differently than everyone else, enthusiasts.
In our spare time, we are addicted to reading paper books, wading through the leaves...
of the trees I mentioned above :-) and traveling in our self-constructed van to unobvious places.
Come to us to find your Idea for a House.


Payment and booking conditions

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Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
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  • Check-in from:09:00
  • Check out till:18:00
  • Baśniowa 3
  • 87-162 Krobia