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We are by the sea and you will find us between Darłowo and Ustka in a small town of Jezierzany, although it is difficult to decide whether it is more on the Baltic Sea or on Lake Wicko. You will have to evaluate yourself.

In a quiet, quiet and a bit lazy village we have houses for you, which we tried to do to satisfy everyone. However, you can not judge them by one measure, because everyone is a bit different, but all by the lake and at a reasonable distance from the sea. There are one-storey four-bed and six-person six-bed. You will find relaxation and rest here with a passion for fishing, metal fans with the soul of a motorcyclist, enthusiasts of minimalism and living wood, as well as lovers of design and sauna.

We realize that in Poland during the time sometimes the sun, sometimes rain. During a downpour, you will light a fire in the fireplace, jump into the sauna and plump the plums from the old orchard. It's enough to survive up to 10 on the Beaufort scale in comfort. On clear days there are many more possibilities, because the village, although quiet and lazy, you will not experience boredom in it. Just go to the other side of the farm, where there is a small fishing base with access to the lake, where you catch eel, zander or pike. If you do not catch your own for reasons that we do not penetrate, you can buy from us, because our fishermen will always catch. There are also sea fishermen, but it is not right for them to go in slippers, just like ours. On the spot we also have bicycles for further and closer trips.

We invite you to a place where winter freezes everything but morning coffee with cinnamon, and summer evenings have the smell of sea breeze and fresh fish for kilograms. Just do not tell anyone, because you'll take the place!


The Lake District is the fruit of ideas that have been sprouting in my head for several years. In the restaurant, which I ran in a completely different place, and in which as many people as I tried to convince to typically Polish fish, the question about accommodation over "my" lake appeared more often and more often. This prompted me to create an object that would satisfy the needs of many anglers, as well as his family, in such a way that everyone could find something for themselves at any time of the year. This is why there are boats and bicycles here, after a long walk a sauna will be waiting for you, there is a large terrace for lazing in every house.
Avg response time is less than 6 h
15 mins walk to the Sea
Access to the private fishing spot on Wicko lake
walking base all along the coast
fully equipped kitchen entirely at your disposal
sauna Infrared in every property
pets welcome at some of the properties


  • By the sea
  • By the lake
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Entire place


  • Access to the kitchen
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • Beach
  • Bicycles
  • Kayaks
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Playground
  • Double bed

Local food

  • Fish
  • Fruits

Where will I sleep?

To choose to color. We have 6 comfortably furnished single-storey and two-story houses.

One-storey houses, designed for a maximum of 4 people, have one bedroom, a living room with kitchen and dining room and a large bathroom with an infrared sauna,

The bunk houses have a living room with kitchen and...
dining room on the ground floor and a large bathroom with an infrared sauna, and in the attic, two bedrooms with different combinations of beds and a second bathroom.
It can accommodate up to 6 people (one can sleep 8 people).

In each house a large covered terrace from the sunny side of the world and an outside storage for fishing equipment or small beach or sports equipment. Next to the houses is an old orchard full of apple trees, in it a playground.

What will I eat?

Nie da się ukryć, że jemy tutaj głównie ryby pod każdą postacią. Po prostu zachęcamy do korzystania z tego co mamy najlepsze i najświeższe.

Poza rybami w naszych kuchniach gotujecie to, co chcecie. Każda kuchnia wyposażona jest w kuchenkę indukcyjną (2 palniki) i okap, lodówkę, zmywarkę, piekarnik,...
pralkę oraz wszelkie akcesoria potrzebne do wirtuozerskiego pichcenia: garnki, zastawę stołową, szkło i drobne akcesoria.

Zawsze możecie też udać się do Jarosławca, gdzie baza gastronomiczna jest dostępna cały rok.

How will I be entertained?

Boredom is acceptable and possible, but it is worth taking a moment to rest and get to know the area. Take a walk and after 15 minutes you will feel a wave of iodine flowing towards you and the salty air of the Baltic beaches. The Wicko lake is full of fish and fresh water just behind the river. All... activities related to swimming, fishing, surfing, sailing, jumping, wave breaking, and drifting on the mattress are allowed 24 hours a day.

For cooler summer evenings and even colder days and nights for the rest of the year, there is a goat in every house that warms like crazy. There is also a sauna that successfully suits the sun.

The commune in which the Jeziorownia is located belongs to the "Green Lungs of Poland". So you can breathe here full breast and get to know the charming nooks of Central Pomerania during long walks, bike rides or car rides and during canoe trips on the Wieprz River.

At the lake itself, in Jezierzany there are two well-located piers for anglers, and just a few meters from the Jezioralnia you will find a lazy and lazy beach in Łąck and another pier. Sand like at the seaside, but for how much space for a screen!

Another lake worth seeing is Marszewo, the smaller brother of Wicka, with crystal clear water. There are water bikes, you can practice swimming with frog and dolphin, although the latter is rarely found in Marszewo.

It is known that avid anglers will have a paradise on the rod with us. We take great care to make Lake Wicko all the time well stocked and full of pike, eels, zander and God knows what other water creatures. In the price of stay we provide you one fishing permit for each house. In addition to fishery on the surface of Lake Wicko, annual Radio Modeled Regatta Races are held annually, and in 2013 for the first time in the World Championship.

We also help our guests to organize a sea cod trip on a friend ship in Darłowo.

Only 12 kilometers from us on the Wieprzą and Grabowa rivers, in September the National Spinning Competition is held. Krzysztof Zawadzki. You have a chance to win and a good catch of sea trout, trout or very rare grayling.

In neighboring Jarosławiec you will find the Panonarama Morska Aquapark and the only year-round ski slope under the roof on the Polish coast, where you can learn and improve skiing and snowboarding skills.

What's for children?

Children to madness have a small playground in the orchard. Sam sad is also good for climbing on old trees and eating gooseberries straight from the bush. In addition, the vicinity of the lake allows you to practice fishing skills, practice swimming and canoeing, and above all spend great time with your... parents. There is a great bike path right next to the houses, so there is plenty of space for bikes, rollers and other rides. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

SEZON WYSOKI minimalna długość pobytu określona w opisie pod cennikiem

dom parterowy max. 4 os. dom piętrowy max. 6 os.
cena za dobę za dom 460 zł 700 zł

SEZON ŚREDNI: maj, czerwiec i wrzesień bez długich weekendów (min. 4 noce)

dom parterowy dom piętrowy
6 osób - 520 zł
5 osób - 480 zł
4 osoby 380 zł 440 zł
3 osoby 340 zł 400 zł
2 osoby 300 zł 360 zł

SEZON NISKI: I, II, III, IV, X, XI, XII 2019 bez długich weekendów i świąt (min. 2 noce)

dom parterowy (cena do 4 nocy/5 lub więcej nocy) dom piętrowy (cena do 4 nocy/5 lub więcej nocy)
6 osób X 460/440 zł
5 osób X 420/400 zł
4 osoby 320/300 zł 380/360 zł
3 osoby 280/260 zł 340/320 zł
2 osoby 240/220 zł 300/280 zł

Sezon wysoki - długość pobytu:
Wakacje 28.06.-1.09.2019 - min. 7 nocy
Boże Narodzenie / Sylwester 20.12.2018-1.01.2019 - min. 5 nocy
Wielkanoc 19.04.-22.04.2019 - min. 3 noce
majówka 26.04.-5.05.2019 - min. 5 nocy
Boże Ciało 19.06.-23.06.2019 - min. 4 noce
Cena zawiera: pościel i ręczniki, sprzątanie końcowe,korzystanie z sauny Infrared, drewno do pieca w salonie bez ograniczeń, media (bez dodatkowych opłat), ogrzewanie w sezonie grzewczym (w łazienkach ogrzewanie podłogowe, w sypialniach elektryczne grzejniki na życzenie), zezwolenie wędkarskie na Jezioro Wicko na czas pobytu, parking (1 miejsce na 1 dom), WiFi dostępne nie we wszystkich domach.
Dostępne rowery i łodzie wędkarskie za symboliczną opłatą.
Chęć skorzystania z łóżeczka turystycznego należy konsultować przed dokonaniem rezerwacji. Opłata za korzystanie z łóżeczka 10 zł za dobę.
Przyjmujemy Gości ze zwierzętami, ale tylko w niektórych domach - do ustalenia przed dokonaniem rezerwacji.
Opłata za zwierzę 20 zł za dobę pobytu.

Place rules

Minimal rental period

Sezon wysoki: Wakacje 28.06.-1.09.2019 min. 7 nocy, Boże Narodzenie / Sylwester 20.12.2018-1.01.2019 - min. 5 nocy, - Wielkanoc 19.04.-22.04.2019 - min. 3 noce, majówka 26.04.-5.05.2019 - min. 5 nocy, Boże Ciało 19.06.-23.06.2019 - min. 4 noce Sezon średni: min. 4 noce, Sezon niski: min. 2 noce

Payment and booking conditions

Opłata za dodatkowe osoby w domach piętrowych (tylko niektóre domy!) w sezonie wysokim po 70 zł za siódmą i ósmą osobę, w sezonie średnim i niskim po 50 zł za siódmą i ósmą osobę.
Dzieci do ukończonego drugiego roku życia:
- domy parterowe: jedno dziecko bezpłatnie w cenie pobytu,
- domy piętrowe:
• w sezonie wysokim dwoje dzieci w cenie pobytu;
• w sezonie średnim i niskim przy pobycie do czterech osób jedno dziecko bezpłatnie, przy pobycie pięciu lub sześciu osób dwoje dzieci bezpłatnie.
Maksymalna całkowita liczba osób w domu parterowym z uwzględnieniem wszystkich dzieci - 5, w domu piętrowym -8.
Rezerwacja jest potwierdzona po wpłacie zadatku w wysokości 30% kosztów pobytu przez system Slowhop (ale minimum równowartości pierwszej nocy). Wpłacony zadatek jest bezzwrotny.

Pozostałe koszty pobytu pobieramy w dniu przyjazdu w gotówce lub kartą.
Aby otrzymać fakturę należy nas o tym poinformować przed dokonaniem wpłaty zadatku.
Za domy pobieramy kaucję w wysokości 500zł - tylko gotówką.

Opłata miejscowa wynosi 2,15 zł za osobę za dobę - tylko gotówką.

Wystawiamy faktury VAT. O chęci otrzymania faktury VAT należy nas poinformować przed dokonaniem wpłaty zadatku.

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:10:00
  • Jeziorna 12
  • 76-107 Jezierzany

How to get there?

Trzeba wjechać pod zakaz (dojazd do posesji dozwolony).



A very beautiful place from which it was difficult to leave ... It was great: przemił host Łukasz, cottages well equipped, good location, beautiful lake Wicko and the sea ... We highly recommend it!


Very nice and friendly owner, well-equipped, comfortable house. Peace and quiet. I heartily recommend.


A great place, great surroundings. Everything was so great that no words. The house is beautifully decorated, atmospheric, comfortable, modern and stylish. Even in the cold November evening, the goat warmed perfectly frozen feet and hands. Fresh air, space, proximity to the lake and the sea .. one weekend is definitely not enough, but it's good that there are such places. A very big thank you for accepting the dogs that could have stretched out on a beautiful beach in nearby Jarosławiec. Minuses? None ... It's hard to get back to reality (:


Exactly what we were looking for! The perfect place for a holiday and de-stressing even out of season :-) very friendly owner, cottages really clean and tidy. It seems a bit modern, but feel the atmosphere, especially when you smoke in the oven and hear the crack of wood, which is plentiful :-)


Sensational! Cottages, decor and equipment, place, hosts, surroundings, atmosphere, all of these elements of capital! I'm delighted :)


A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Peace and quiet and full comfort. It's been a long time since we rested like in the Jeziorownia - a book on the porch, dinner in front of the fireplace and a bike on the forest paths near the sea. We highly recommend :)


I highly recommend, the perfect place close to the lake and quite near the sea. Cottages meet all requirements :)


A very good place to relax. Close to the coast but at the same time next to the whole seaside hustle and bustle. Silence, closeness to nature, comfort. Well-equipped cottages.


A great place for lovers of slow life, anglers, cyclists, families with children and couples


A wonderful place run by a wonderful man full of passion ... The owner will take care of you that nothing is missing ... here you can find peace and quiet, which is missing in the city ... and apple pie baked with apples falling in the orchard completes the whole ... Place for medal !!!