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Widnokrąg w Sandomierzu

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Location Poland, Świętokrzyskie Province, Sandomierz
"Widnokrąg", which we named our place after, is a novel by Wiesław Myśliwski. The author, whose life and feelings were strongly connected with Sandomierz, placed the plot of the novel in the landscape of our city. The novel won the Nike Prize in 1997 and has been translated into several languages. "Widnokrąg" is a unique, truly Polish word, usually translated as "horizon", but meaning something more. We trust that our "Widnokrąg" will also be unique for you. When you cross the threshold of "Widnokrąg", we take you on a journey through time. The past meets the present at the last surviving gothic city gate in Sandomierz. In the interiors of a 19th-century tenement house, food is an art, and rest is intertwined with discovering the nooks and crannies of the Sandomierz region. Behind the gothic city wall, we have created the "Widnokrąg" Gallery - a place of contemplation, art exhibits, but also meetings, concerts, conferences, film screenings and an exchange of thoughts. But on the first floor, we have 4 intimate guest rooms, which provide tranquillity and provoke relaxation even in a bustling city. Come by bike, car, train or hitchhiking. We are waiting with a novel, stories, concerts, local food, history, orchards and a view of the Vistula River.

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Ania i Przemek
Ten years ago when we started the renovation of a 19th-century tenement house "glued" almost to the medieval city walls, we did not expect that we would completely devote ourselves to it. Everything, every corner has a story here. We wanted to create a place in our hometown that we are looking for when travelling. We like places with a soul, ones that are original. As local patriots (we know it sounds pathetic, but it's true!), we always return to Sandomierz with the same delight. Widnokrąg is the result of several years of work and dreams about creating a place that's friendly to the inhabitants of Sandomierz and those who will visit it. We cordially invite you to Widnokrąg and to explore our amazing old Sandomierz.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, German
Our reception desk and team will look after you

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Eco Alert

Do not bring plastic bottles of water, we have treated tap water
We do not change towels every day (only if you ask)
We promote waste segregation by guests
We plant trees
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Our charms

We have a lot of souvenirs and trinkets
It can get crowded at weekends

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We care about you

We keep distance between tables in dinning room
We disinfect the rooms between reservations
We use a steam cleaner for chemical-free disinfection
Linens are washed at high temperatures

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Library sags with books, gallery has art by Polish artists
Library sags with books, gallery has art by Polish artists
Fresh coffee and newspapers each morning
Fresh coffee and newspapers each morning
Board games available to everyone
Board games available to everyone
In the heart of Sandomierz
In the heart of Sandomierz
Pampered dishes from the Widnokrąg restaurant
Pampered dishes from the Widnokrąg restaurant
4 boutique guest rooms with comfortable beds
4 boutique guest rooms with comfortable beds

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Where will I sleep?

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On the first floor of the tenement house, 4 intimate guest rooms await you. Each of them overlooks a fragment of the Old Town in Sandomierz. We have made every effort to prepare the interior even for the most demanding guests. On the walls of our rooms, we present original art and achievements of Polish artists - artists, designers and people of craftsmanship. The "Horizon" team will make sure that everyone feels special with us. Room No. 1 is our most spacious flat with a mini kitchenette. Through the windows, we almost touch the medieval walls of the Opatów Gate. Equipped with a double bed, a single bed and a fold-out sofa, it is perfect even for a family of five. Rooms No. 2 and 3 are the smallest and most cozy, two identical to our rooms. However, both of them have large terraces, from which there is a view of Opatowska and Żydowska Streets. They are perfect for couples. Room 4 is completely different from the minimalistic three other rooms. Inspired by Parisian boutique interiors, the room is the most colorful room in the whole "Horizon". Hand-painted floral motifs put all guests in a mood of relief and comfort. Fairy-tale works by Przemek Zamojski hang on the walls. The room has a cozy balcony where you can relax watching the life of the Old Town from a distance. The reception is open during the opening hours of the "Widnokrąg" Restaurant. Please report later arrival by phone or e-mail, at least 24 hours in advance. Additionally our guests receive a 10% discount to the restaurant

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Common space

Dining room (100 m2)
Terrace (200 m2)
Playroom/children's corner
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Tables in the garden
Corner with garden seats

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Fast Internet/WiFi
Good cell phone reception
TVs in the rooms

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What will I eat?

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On the ground floor of the tenement house there is the Widnokrąg Restaurant, where the menu is prepared seasonally and reflects the character of the place. Using modern culinary techniques and modern equipment, the team of chefs at the Widnokrąg Restaurant cooks traditional dishes in a modern version. We draw on the best Polish and European culinary traditions. We study old recipes and cookbooks, which are abundant on the shelves in Horizon. We use high-quality Polish and foreign products. We pay attention to how they are made. We are constantly expanding the list of local suppliers and producers of the best and freshest products. We have our own apple orchards, and we squeeze apple juices, make mousses and use them in many ways in our fall menu. Vegetables and fruits from our garden are served on plates in summer, and in autumn (especially now in a pandemic), we close them in jars as preserves, silage, pickles ... We have gathered over 100 types of wines from all over the world in the cellar of our restaurant, and taking into account the enormous return to the wine tradition in Poland and in the Sandomierz Region, we also offer a wide range of the best national and local wines. We invite you to taste our Horizon.

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Food on-site

Dinner for an extra fee
Supper for an extra fee
Dinner-supper for an extra fee
Breakfast included
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Kitchen access

No access to the kitchen

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We recommend nearby restaurants


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You can buy eco products nearby

Giełda Warzyw i Owoców (1 km)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the city

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We believe that boredom is needed ... it triggers creativity, new ideas. But it's up to you to decide; rest in the corners of the Horizon or enjoying the charms of one of the oldest Polish cities - Sandomierz and the Sandomierz Region? The horizon is located at the last surviving city gate. The proximity of the Old Town allows guests to take full advantage of the historic values of the city. In turn, the area allows for delightful wandering, visiting the relics of the past, and above all, we recommend a trip to Sandomierz Wine and Apple Glass. It is here that for years the local winemakers have been returning to the medieval traditions of viticulture in Poland. - St. Ducha 100 m - Town Hall 200 m - Długosz House 400 m - Cathedral 500 m - Castle 500 m - St. Paweł 800 m - St. Jakub (the first brick one in Poland), 500 m and the St. James - The Vistula River and the Marshal Piłsudski 1.3 km - Pepper Mountains 5 km - Vineyard by the Jar 8 km - Płochocki Vineyard 15 km - Nobilis vineyard, 16 km - Sandomierska Vineyard 15 km - Lake Tarnobrzeskie 20 km - Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów 34 km - Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd 38 km - Neolithic village in the Mound 36 km. Many cultural events that soothe the senses take place in Sandomierz. For over 15 years we have hosted the Festival of Extraordinary Films and Meetings in the city, and as part of the festival, a series of meetings, screenings and concerts is held in the festival. "Żydowska towards the Horizon". We also recommend the hedonistic Festival "Bread Wino Ser". But above all, we recommend visiting Sandomierz in the fall, when the Young Wine Festival is held. For those who do not buy passports from the Sandomierz Winemakers Association, this year we have the "Young Wine Autumn" - a series of events that will last until Christmas. This is a truly royal feast for body and soul with the wines of the Sandomierz region in the lead role. We recommend and invite you! P. S. We already know that this year's edition of the Young WIna Festival will be remote. Details on the fanpage of the Sandomierski Association of Winemakers.

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For those who want relaxation

Library and books to read
Board games

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For those craving art

Galeria Sztuki Widnokrąg (0 km)

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Brama Opatowska
Dom Długosza
Kościół Św. Jakuba
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What’s there for children?

Widnokrąg w Sandomierzu - What’s there for children?

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We treat each guest as we would like to be treated ourselves. We were children, lots of children visit us, but we expect respect for the place and its character. Younger children always require the tender eye of the Parents. Older kids are offered books that we have plenty of on the shelves in "Widnokręg", board games, and above all chess, because the oldest chess played in Poland was found in Sandomierz. We encourage you to see the original of these chess with your own eyes in the Sandomierz Castle. We also recommend a walk along the Chess Alley in Sandomierz Piszczel, and soon we will be able to boast of a copy of these famous pieces that are sculpted by our friend raftsman :)

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Portable/travel bed for children
Changing table
High chair

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Opatowska 19, Sandomierz, Świętokrzyskie Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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Did you know that our hosts agreed to keep their prices on Slowhop the same or lower than anywhere else? If you feel otherwise, let us know at
Low season: OCTOBER - MAY
Mon - Thu, 2 people Fri - Sun, 2 people
Room No. 1 PLN 420 PLN 450
Room No. 2 and 3 PLN 320 PLN 350
Room No. 4 PLN 420 PLN 450
High season: JUNE - SEPTEMBER Valentine's Day, Easter, Picnic, B. Body, Young Wine Festival)
Mon - Thu, 2 people Fri - Sun, 2 people
Room No. 1 PLN 450 PLN 480
Room No. 2 and 3 PLN 350 PLN 380
Room No. 4 PLN 450 PLN 480
Special weekends: Valentine's Day, Easter, Picnic, Corpus Christi, Young Wine Festival, etc.
2 people
Room No. 1 480 PLN/room
Room No. 2 and 3 380 PLN/room
Room No. 4 480 PLN/room
The price includes an exceptional breakfast buffet, and warm dishes are served from the kitchen of the "Widnokrąg" Restaurant every day from 8am to 11.30am. If the room is used by 1 person, we pay 50 PLN less. We charge an additional PLN 50 / night for a cot. We charge PLN 50 / night for a child sleeping in a bed with their parents. We charge PLN 100 for an extra bed in a room. Of course, breakfast for an additional person is included in the price. The minimum rental period on weekends is 2 days (Friday - Sunday) During the week, you can come to us even for one day. Our guests have a 5% discount in the WIDNOKRĄG and WELCOME DRINK restaurants

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Place rules

Icon We do not accept pets
Icon Maximum number of guests: 5 people

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Icon Payment and cancellation policy
(card on the spot, cash on the spot)

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Icon Other rules
#Safe Widnokręg - Code of Good Practice Dear Guests, Your safety is our highest value. Due to the epidemic situation in Poland in 2021, despite the removal of most restrictions, we still maintain a number of rules in Horizon that will allow you to enjoy a successful stay: • employees have received training in the principles of cleanliness and hygiene and are obliged to comply with them - these include regular, thorough and frequent washing of hands, disinfection of the workplace, equipment used to perform their duties, • employees are equipped with protective masks and disinfectants, • at the main entrance to the facility there is a liquid for disinfection, please use it each time, • in accordance with the anti-epidemic guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of May 13, 2020, for the functioning of gastronomy during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the maximum number of guests in the interior of the Widnokrąg Restaurant was designated for 60 people, • please wait before entering the facility for an employee of the Widnokrąg Restaurant Service, who will take you to the appropriate table, • We have limited the check-in process to the Guest Rooms to a minimum, but for our common good, please fill in a short declaration in the registration card - health declaration - let's take care of each other! • we recommend paying with payment cards, • we prefer invoices to be sent electronically, • before your arrival, the Horizon space, rooms and common areas have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and subjected to long ventilation, • for hygiene reasons, we do not provide room cleaning services during your stay. On a special request, upon arrangement with the facility staff and in the absence of guests in the room, the cleaning staff will provide this service, • the hall and staircase are cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency, • on the day of departure, please leave the entry card in the room or put it in a dedicated container standing on the reception desk, • at the reception you can buy disposable masks and gloves, • breakfasts are served on designated tables, at appropriate intervals in the interior of the Widnokrąg Restaurant or in the garden, or we will be happy to serve them to your room. Please inform the staff about the preferred form the day before breakfast. We wish you a pleasant stay in the Horizon of Sandomierz!

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Wspaniały, butikowy hotelik oparty o piętnastowieczny mur obronny Bramy Opatowskiej. Genialne połączenie średniowiecznej cegły, klimatu lat 20tych i współczesnej galerii. Pyszne, w ciekawy sposób podane śniadania. Miła i pomocna obsługa, dzięki radom Pani właściciel przeżyliśmy niezapomniane chwile w Sandomierzu. Podsyłam sprawdzony plan zwiedzania: Brama Opatowska, Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna, godz.14 spacer po winnicy dominikańskiej w towarzystwie zakonnika połączony z degustacją, na zakończenie rejs po Wiśle stylowym dubasem z lokalnym bardem. Wrócimy tu na festiwal młodego wina...


Idealne miejsce na pobyt w Sandomierzu - wyjątkowy i pięknie odrestaurowany obiekt, ze wszystkimi potrzebnymi udogodnieniami. Funkcjonalny i pomysłowo urządzony pokój (plus za prywatny balkon, który jest super rozwiązaniem latem). Idealna lokalizacja - tuż przy sandomierskim rynku, wszędzie blisko i wygodnie. Bardzo miła obsługa oraz wyjątkowe śniadania. Polecam dla wszystkich osób, które poszukują butikowego obiektu o wysokim standardzie!


Wszystko co tam nas spotkało: ludzie, miejsce, klimat, jedzenie, to absolutna magia, klasa, elegancja i sztuka. Dbałość właścicieli o każdy szczegół jest poruszająca, a oddanie, cierpliwość i spokoj Pani Ani udziela się całemu zespołowi. Dziekujemy za to, że mogliśmy być gośćmi w tym cudownym miejscu. Wrócimy na pewno Dorota i Piotr

5.0 16 opinii