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Pałacyk Szklarska

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Location Poland, Lower Silesia Province, Jizera Mountains, Piechowice
Someone, 100 years ago, built a beautiful palace near Szklarska Poręba in such a way that you could admire the view from the terrace. We do not know who the builder was, but we do know that he thought it up quite well, because every morning, over a coffee on the terrace, we understand this idea, watching the fog and sun over the Śnieżne Kotły. This sight and the taste of coffee is something that will be remembered for a lifetime. We invite you to an unusual place with a history that we are still getting to know. There is elegance, aesthetics, delicious breakfasts and it's close to trails and skiing. We are waiting for you.

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Hi! I am 21 years old and my mother and I run the renovated Szklarska Palace. After many years of renovation, we can finally enjoy receiving guests. We welcome you!

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We speak these languages: Polish, English, French

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Perfect for special occasions
Perfect for special occasions
Delicious breakfasts
Delicious breakfasts
Amazing view of Śnieżne Kotły
Amazing view of Śnieżne Kotły
7 km to Ski Arena Szrenica, close to the ski lifts in the Czech Republic
7 km to Ski Arena Szrenica, close to the ski lifts in the Czech Republic
Apartment for 4-6 people, 3-bed and double rooms
Apartment for 4-6 people, 3-bed and double rooms

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In a real mansion with history. We tried to renew it in such a way as to keep this history. The unique furniture was made by a small local factory, and we took care of all the details with exceptional care. We invite you to: 1. A small room (1-2 persons) of 9 m2 A tiny room for one, maximum two people. It has its own bathroom in a classic style. The window faces east, so the sun is calling at dawn. Perfect for someone who likes to start their day early. 2. Deluxe room (2-3 persons) 28 m2 Large, beautifully furnished with the largest bed (180 cm wide) and a bathroom in the whole house. There is also a double convertible sofa in the room. From the bed you can see the Snow Cauldrons, and from the other window a fragment of the garden, which we are extremely proud of. When arranging this room, we thought about couples looking for aesthetic impressions. 3. King Room (double) 24 m2 The most discreet room with windows facing the east. From the bathroom window you can see the garden. For people looking for peace and quiet. 4. Suite (2-3,4 persons with terrace) 30 m2 The suite consists of two bedrooms. The large bedroom has a wide bed (160cm) and the small bedroom has a 120cm wide bed. The suite also has a very spacious terrace with a beautiful view of the Giant Mountains and the surrounding hills. Perfect room for a family with two children. 5. Apartment for 4-6 people (100 m2) It consists of two bedrooms with double beds. There is also a fully equipped small kitchen and a bathroom in the apartment. A unique room in the apartment is a turret with a small library and a charming view of the Karkonosze and the surrounding hills. The fold-out couch in the turret can accommodate another two people. Equipment: Two LCD TVs, Bluetooth Soundbar, 20 TV programs, Washing machine, Comfort heating, Mute, Laminate flooring, Shower, Fully equipped kitchenette, Kettle, etc.

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What will I eat?

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We serve breakfast in the Palace. We try to make them consistent with the interiors and the view. Apparently that's the way it is. We officially serve continental breakfasts. In addition, our guests can count on: coffee, tea (various types: black, mint, cranberry, white, green, etc. and various good brands such as Sir William's, Loyd, Dilmah), butter, jam (recently homemade jam) , orange juice, white and dark bread (different types), at least two types of cheese, at least two types of cold cuts, vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, We recommend several good restaurants for lunch and dinner, but we especially invite all our guests to the Odnova restaurant in Piechowice. It is a new place highly praised by our guests. It is located 3 km from the Palace.

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the mountains

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Pałacyk Szklarska - Will I not be bored?
Pałacyk Szklarska - Will I not be bored?
Pałacyk Szklarska - Will I not be bored?
Pałacyk Szklarska - Will I not be bored?

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The Karkonosze Mountains are called the Polish Alps. They are famous for hurricane winds and frequent changes of weather, but also for 150 incredible rock formations, mountain lakes and glacial circuses. The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed here, full of legends and heroes. The unique tourist attractions in our vicinity include: - Śnieżne Kotły, or glacial cauldrons and a great vantage point. We are lucky that the Szklarska Palace is also a vantage point to watch Kotłów. - Wielki Szyszak, the second peak of the Karkonosze Mountains, - Szklarki waterfall, probably the most photographed place in Szklarska Poręba and perfectly prepared for tourists' visits - Crocus Reserve in Górzyniec, the best to visit in the early spring period - Beaver Rocks, attractive especially for climbing enthusiasts. - Wang Temple (14 km) A well-developed network of hiking trails in the town and its surroundings (almost 100 km of marked hiking trails) and the proximity to the chairlifts and T-bar lifts located in the mountains create very good conditions for various tourism all year round.

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What’s there for children?

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We are not only a place for adults, but there are no special facilities for young children. However, there is a tiny kitten and a friendly dog, and we know from experience that these are the best attractions for kids.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Słoneczna 23, Piechowice, Lower Silesia Province, Jizera Mountains, Poland

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1-2 person room number 3 350 PLN/room
2-person room No.5 600 PLN/room
2-seater No. 6 500 PLN/room
3-bed room with a terrace 700 PLN/room
Apartment (4-6 people) 1000-1300

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Standard pokoi bardzo dobry- nie mam tutaj zastrzeżeń. Moim zdaniem jednak za taką cenę śniadanie powinno być bardziej urozmaicone a kawa i herbata powinny być dostępne całą dobę (zdarzało się ze drzwi do pokoju w którym były herbaty były zamknięte . Super by było gdyby wystawiony był ekspres do kawy do użytku gości). Ostatecznie oceniając stosunek ceny do jakości uważam, ze było nieco za drogo.

Host: Szymon

Dziekujemy za opinie. Jedno sprostowanie, salon i jadalnia, gdzie znajdują się herbaty i kawa oraz warnik, który służy do zagotowania wody, są otwarte 24 godziny. Tak więc kawa i herbata dostepne są całą dobę. Jeżeli zdarzyło się, że drzwi były zamknięte to byc może ktoś z Gości zamknął przez przypadek. Wystarczyło pociągnąć za klamkę lub po prostu zapytać. Jeżeli chodzi o śniadanie to zawsze mamy co najmniej trzy rodzaje pieczywa, trzy rodzaje wędlin, serów, warzywa, masło, dzemy, soki, mleko, kawa, herbaty. Na ciepło jajka w każdej postaci, parówki. Często też pytamy Gości czy mają specjalne życzenia. Zawsze prosimy Gości o informowanie nas o jakichkolwiek potrzebach i podchodzimy do Klienta indywidualnie. Komunikacja z Gośćmi jest dla nas ważna i w konsekwencji ich zadowolenie.


Cudowne miejsce, prowadzone z pasją i ogromnym zaangażowaniem. Polecamy szczególnie osobom, które cenią sobie ciszę oraz spokój. Nie mamy kompletnie żadnych zastrzeżeń odnośnie noclegu, śniadania, czystości czy czegokolwiek innego. Pobyt udany, domowa atmosfera, będziemy miło wspominać i z pewnością wrócimy. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie, Łukasz i Marta.


Pięknie, elegancko, wygodnie!. Cudny apartament w wieży ! zupełnie jak domu, moglibyśmy tam zamieszkać wraz z widokami z okna w wieżyczce ! Cały dom jest bardzo ładny, wraz z częściami wspólnymi. Cicha dzielnica. Zaraz obok wejście na niewymagające szlaki (raczej spacerowe). Widok o poranku na śnieżne kotły! Sama miejscowość niedoceniona a jest urokliwie położona i ma kilka atrakcji np "huta szkła kryształowego wraz ze sklepikiem. Polecam ! i dziękujemy, wrócimy. ps. tak jesienią jest szczególnie...kolorowo

4.7 9 opinii