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ROOMTONES - Mysticloft - Warszawa

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Location Poland, Mazovia Province, Warszawa
"There is a housing estate in Warsaw that won a lucky lottery in the post-war housing construction lottery. It was born in silence - as if in defiance of the fashion of the time - without dreams of monumentality and giganticism. Hidden behind the walls of the New Evangelical tenement houses, it lives a quiet life and expands little by little, but at the pleasure of its inhabitants. Although situated in the heart of the city, it is almost invisible to the big-city crowds pouring through New World. [...] It is really worth seeing how nicely people live here", wrote in 1956 in Stolica (Reportage out of fashion), an author hiding under the initials HP. This unusual neighbourhood became an inspiration for us. In the only Warsaw apartment building with its own tower, standing at the end of Winnie the Pooh Street, we adapted the attic. The building itself hides many secrets, which we are slowly uncovering. Anna Dębska, a sculptor, had her studio in the attic. Now her granddaughter, Aleksandra Waliszewska, an illustrator, takes care of the spirit of the place. Mieczysław Welter, sculptor, and Wojciech Wenzel, graphic artist and painter, lived and worked here. For years, the place of the current flat was a laundry and drying room, so the plasterwork remembers the smell of grey soap, powder and wet laundry hanging on clotheslines. The space we decided to adapt is part of the unused rooms in the attic. Their unusual layout caused us to divide it into three zones. The first one is the entrance with a kitchen annexe, whose heart is an island on an openwork construction. From there, you enter the other two zones - completely different bedrooms with private bathrooms. You can rent one of them, for two people, or the whole flat for four. Mysticloft is located in the very centre of the city, away from the noise, sheltered by a square, at the end of the magical one-way Winnie the Pooh Street - planted with lime trees. You only need to walk 100 m to get to the Nowy Świat University metro station, from where you can easily reach the Copernicus Centre or the other side of the Vistula River. Passing through one of the open gates of the neighbouring tenement houses or Warecka Street, you will feel as if, with the wave of a magic wand, you have travelled back in time. This city inspires, so let yourself be seduced by it.

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Przemek Maziarz
Professionally, interior designer, founder of Modoso_interiors and Kdesign architecture & brands. Privately, a traveller and observer of the world. I practice yoga, which allows me to catch the balance between my private and professional life. I work with the elderly, using my design knowledge to improve their quality of life. I believe that the city is an endless inspiration. When choosing finishing materials, I am always guided by the principle of caring for sustainability, I choose materials that are minimally processed and do not affect our health and well-being. Natural materials age well and develop a patina. Stone, wood, brick, jute, wool, linen - they are often used in my projects. I invite you to visit us to see how vision translates into everyday life.

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We speak these languages: Polish, English

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2 bedrooms with comfortable beds for up to 4 people
2 bedrooms with comfortable beds for up to 4 people
The possibility of cooking
The possibility of cooking
Nowy Świat at your fingertips, so close to cafes and restaurants
Nowy Świat at your fingertips, so close to cafes and restaurants
Theaters, ballet, museums, philharmonic, cultural facilities
Theaters, ballet, museums, philharmonic, cultural facilities
Interior details worked out down to the smallest detail
Interior details worked out down to the smallest detail
Paradise for aesthetes in the heart of the capital
Paradise for aesthetes in the heart of the capital

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 1 apartment
Icon for up to 4 people
Icon 55 m²
Icon bathroom: 2
Icon king bed : 2
Icon We accept small dogs, cats, medium dogs

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We have two bedrooms for you that you can rent separately or as one large apartment for 4 people. They are cozy, located in the heart of Warsaw, perfect for a romantic getaway to the cultural capital of Poland. Their appearance is our pride and the essence of our design style. Mistictone is an unusual double bedroom, and maybe even an experience steeped in mystery. For nearly a century, this space was used as a laundry room, drying room and storage for everything unnecessary. The plasters remembered the smell of gray soap, Ixi powder and damp laundry. The smell was so strong that it motivated us to reveal some of the walls and show the beautifully preserved bricks. We balanced them with large plates of graphite stone laid on the floor. They are also an ideal background for wood in a natural color. One of the walls, which is over six and a half meters high, could not be complete without a fireplace portal. In fact, it's just an excuse: you had to somehow deal with the numerous central heating pipes;) The whole is added by warm fleshy fabrics and their natural weaves. There is a place for a bed with a 180 x 200 cm mattress, a dressing table / desk, bars and drawers for clothes. The bathroom, open to the bedroom, has a large rain shower. For those less open, we have hung a curtain that can separate us from the bathroom. Dark colors are conducive to calming down, allow you to slow down for a moment and stop here and now. Nudetone, i.e. the second bedroom, also for two people, is located on the mezzanine, which you can reach by a spiral staircase. After climbing the summit, an atmospheric peace awaits us. A window inside the building posting a simple curtain. This allows even more natural light to enter the apartment. But at night you can turn on the tower's backlight and you have a view of the scaled sculpture, the only one in the city. Through the roof windows, they have a view of the roofs of neighboring tenement houses, and the Palace of Culture between them. It's a bit Parisian here through these roofs. The bathroom is open to the bedroom and the whole is decorated in light colors. There is also room for a bed with a 180 x 200 cm mattress, bars and drawers for clothes.

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What will I eat?

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There are atmospheric cafes and restaurants nearby. Can you ask for more than coffee and breakfast on Kubusia Puchatka Street in Honey? A few steps away from the cafés Odette or Vincent. 600 meters from us there is a wonderful cafe Stor and Charlotte Bouillon, a typical French bistro. For more hunger, choose Aioli, Yatta Ramen, Pho Lovers Bistro. A meal in the pavilions at the back of Nowy Świat in the legendary Asian bar Cô Tú (Bun with tofu for vegans and roasted veal with sesame for carnivores) will provide an unusual experience. The menu, as in places of this type, has 100 items, but each one is worth attention. Very large portions, very affordable prices, staff always smiling and helpful. Let's not forget that there are places at your fingertips that bring together a variety of flavors, and there everyone will find something for themselves: - Powiśle Power Plant - 1.1 km - Hala Gwardii - 1.9 km - Koszyki Hall - 2.2 km, - Night Market - 3.3 km

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the city

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ROOMTONES - Mysticloft - Warszawa - Will I not be bored?
ROOMTONES - Mysticloft - Warszawa - Will I not be bored?

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Mysticloft is located in the bustling, very center of Warsaw. After leaving the apartment you will feel like in other European capitals. All attractions are at your fingertips here. In Nowy Świat, you will drink coffee in a tiny cafe, go to a party in Newonce bar, and then to croque madame in Charlotte. You will visit the Battle of Grunwald, take a walk in the unique Skaryszewski Park and lie down on the sand near Poniat. You can walk, you can city bikes, you can take the metro, tram, electric scooter and even by boat. We recommend closer or further places worth visiting: - The Fryderyk Chopin Museum - 0.45 km - Copernicus Science Center - 1.1 km - Boulevards on the Vistula River - 1.6 km - Museum of Modern Art - 1.3 km - National Museum in Warsaw - 0.7 km - Zachęta - National Gallery of Art - 0.95 km - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Saxon Garden - 1.1 km - The Royal Castle in Warsaw - 1.5 km - Warsaw Old Town Square - 1.7 km - Krasiński Garden 2.2 km - Palace of Culture and Science - 1.3 km - POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews - 2.8 km - Warsaw Rising Museum - 3.1 km - Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle - 2.0 km - Łazienki Królewskie - 2.1 km - Powiśle Power Plant - 1.1 km - Hala Gwardii - 1.9 km - Koszyki Hall - 2.2 km - Night Market - 3.3 km

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What’s there for children?

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Warsaw is a real treat for children. The location in the center brings you to all the cool attractions. The Copernicus Science Center is at your fingertips, in the summer in Warsaw's New Town, on the square of the 1st Armored Division of the Polish Army, spectacular fountain shows are held, there are Vistula boulevards for walks and games in the sand, you can go on a cruise on the Vistula, at every step an ice cream shop, a candy factory around the corner, and the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Wola for bigger kids. At Praga ZOO, and in Gocław there is a hangar with a trampoline park. Due to the stairs and architectural barriers, this place is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. Board games await older explorers.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Nowy Świat 47a, Warszawa, Mazovia Province, Poland

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number of people price per night
Mystictone 1 person 229 PLN / room
Mystictone 2 people 269 PLN / room
Nudetone 1 person 229 PLN / room
Nudetone 2 people 269 PLN / room
Mysticloft - the whole thing 3-4 people 489 PLN / apartment
Breakfasts not included in the price. Pets are allowed on request. Without additional costs.

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Najważniejsze, że w centrum Warszawy. Bez luksusów, ale warunki do pobytu całkiem wystarczające, nawet na dlużej. Zaskakuje pomysłowość projektanta w wykorzystaniu przestrzeni. Atmosfera poddasza rzeczywiście niezwykła i choćby dlatego warto wypróbować taką atrakcję pomieszkania "w pralni". Mankamenty to brak stołu do jadania posiłków, poza tym brak intymności (wc!),.. Chyba brak też miejsca na dłuższe zaparkowanie samochodu. Na szczęście tym razem nie byliśmy zmotoryzowani. Przydałoby się wejście na galeryjkę wieży! Są schody, a nie ma wyjścia :-( Wrócilimy zadowoleni z udanego pobytu, cały nasz program zrealizowany. Dziękujemy gospodarzom za słoneczną pogodę w końcu września :-) Polecamy wyjątkową kamienicę z wieżą! Teresa i Krzysztof


Miejsce, które na zdjęciach robi wrażenie, a w rzeczywistości wręcz zachwyca swoim klimatem. Samo w sobie jest atrakcją, ciche, spokojne, wprawia w poczucie, jakby w całym budynku nie było nikogo, poza nami. Idealne do odpoczynku, wyciszenia się, chwilowego odcięcia od świata. Co więcej, to miejsce, w którym nawet ceglane ściany i drewniane belki są interesujące. Miło, że właściciele podkreślają jego historię. Mieszkanie dopracowane zarówno pod względem estetycznym, jak i funkcjonalnym - w łazience zastajemy niezbędne kosmetyki, w kuchni wszystkie potrzebne w codziennym życiu sprzęty i akcesoria, a nawet kawę czy herbatę. Kontakt z Panem Przemkiem świetny, wszystko wyjaśnione, dogadane, niewymuszone, sprawna komunikacja, widać, że Panu zależy na zadowoleniu i wygodzie gości. Okolica również na plus, blisko sklepy, restauracje, Stare Miasto i warszawskie zaułki, w których miło pospacerować. Jednym słowem, jest to przestrzeń, którą czuje się i przeżywa, zdecydowanie warto tego doświadczyć, żeby po wyjeździe planować kolejną wizytę w tym pobudzającym wrażliwość miejscu.


Prawdziwa perełka na polskiej mapie noclegowej, która robi wrażenie, kiedy tylko stanie się na ulicy Kubusia Puchatka. A później jest tylko piękniej. Wspaniały design, dopracowane detale, mnóstwo talentu Właścicieli i ogrom włożonej przez nich pracy. Wnętrza, którymi można zachwycać się całymi dniami, a najchętniej miałoby ochotę się tutaj zamieszkać. I ta tajemnicza wieżyczka! A to wszystko w samym centrum Warszawy! Czego zupełnie się tutaj nie czuje, bo jest bardzo cicho i spokojnie. Poranki i wieczory zaś można godzinami spędzać przy oknie, wpatrując się w dachy Warszawy i Pałac Kultury. Ogromny plus za świetny kontakt z Przemkiem. Również tutaj powrócimy (aby w końcu poznać "kota") :)

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