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Salio Equisport Resort

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Location Poland, Łódź Province, Besiekierz Rudny
In the middle of nowhere, in the near distance from the Łódź Hills Landscape Park, deer and fallow run in the wind. One could say that there’s nothing else going on in the area. But this is only an illusion, because suddenly, like a mirage, high civilization and idyllic luxury emerge from the meadows. It all came from a passion for horses and adoration for rural silence, and as it turned out, that impresses us too. First, this is a paradise for horses. A beautiful stable, hectares to a gallop and wonderful caregivers. Children do not have it worse, because we have horses, a pony and a donkey as well as a playground with obstacles to play on. And as for adults, if you like nature, interior design, comfort, attention to detail, and beer from your own brewery (as many as 4 types of amber drinks) and restaurants with a polished menu – you should feel good here. More specifically, it looks like this: on 13 ha we have 20 rooms, lounge zones, brewery, restaurant, riding club, playground and kilometres of walking routes. Try out your riding skills in the saddle, go on a bike trip, or hang out in a room with a book. We provide hospitality, smiling and helpful staff as well as a friendly atmosphere. We are waiting for you to come here.

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Ekipa Salio Equisport Resort
One day, out of great love for horses, we decided to create something special to show how much these wonderful animals mean to us and here was Salio Equisport Resort. When we were able to make this dream come true, new ones immediately appeared. Own brewery, riding school, restaurant with great food and a safe oasis for families. We have made dreams come true and now we are waiting for the next dreams. Who knows where the gallop will take us ...

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Families with children are more than welcome to come
Families with children are more than welcome to come
Pets are also welcome
Pets are also welcome
Horse riding – yes!
Horse riding – yes!
Bicycles are waiting for you on site
Bicycles are waiting for you on site
20 cosy, stylish and elegant rooms
20 cosy, stylish and elegant rooms
We have our own brewery and a great restaurant
We have our own brewery and a great restaurant

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In a fresh-smelling Aparthotel that we created a few months after the inauguration of the equestrian club. We have prepared for you beautiful, modern and cozy rooms in a hotel standard. They are fully equipped, air-conditioned and have extremely comfortable beds, which can only be used with the right foot. There are 16 standard double rooms at your disposal, both with single and double beds. Our standards are high, so the basic rooms are really comfortable. For those more demanding, we have 3 rooms of higher luxury with an additional sofa and a balcony, and one duplex apartment with a living room, kitchenette and large terrace. This guy makes a big impression! You can hide in the rooms, but there's a lot going on outside the door. There is a billiard room, a playroom for children, an outdoor playground for children, football and basketball courts and a place for a bonfire and barbecue. In addition to horse riding, you have the option of using bicycles and Nordic walking poles. Standard rooms (located outside the main building) Modernly furnished, 19 m2, with direct access from the adjoining external terrace. Each with a separate bathroom, two single beds or a double bed. Apartment (located in the main building, on the first floor, no elevator) Two-level, comfortable, 80 m2, with a living room, kitchenette, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with access to a large outdoor terrace. Ground floor: hall, kitchenette, dining room with a table for 5 people, living room with two fold-out sofas, bathroom with bathtub, shower and bidet, bedroom with a double bed. First floor: bedroom with three single beds, bathroom with shower. Superior rooms (located in the main building, on the first floor, no elevator) Comfortable, spacious, modern, 38 m2. Each with a separate bathroom, two single beds and a sofa bed, with access to a large outdoor terrace. 1 person in a room - 21 beds Standard Rooms - 16 places Superior Rooms - 3 places Apartment - 2 places 1-2 people in a room, all people on separate beds - 40 places Standard Rooms - 30 beds (1 person on a two-story) Superior Rooms - 6 people Apartment - 4 places 2-3 people in a room, some people in a double bed - 44 places Standard Rooms - 33 places (6 people on a double bed and 1 person on a bunk) Superior Rooms - 6 people Apartment - 5 places (2 people on a double bed)

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What will I eat?

Salio Equisport Resort  - What will I eat?
Salio Equisport Resort  - What will I eat?
Salio Equisport Resort  - What will I eat?

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Everyone will find something for themselves in our restaurant. And our chef will conjure up the most delicious dishes that you will remember for a long time. The products from which the dishes are made come from nearby farms and livestock. We care about their quality, taste and support local sellers. We specialize in meat, we know what fish is eaten with and how to pamper with dessert. In autumn, we serve outstanding St. Martin goose meat and organize Oktoberfest with our own beer, to which we match special dishes. We also take part in the Restaurant Week festival. In addition to good food, we also know beer. The intense aromas emanating from the brewhouse make the Salio Brewery a treat for beer lovers. We currently have four of our own beers, but we are still developing and you can expect more flavors in the near future. Meet our children: the bright Nestor, the portable Misty Look, the dark Strong Kara and the Muskatovy gingerbread. We approach beer seriously and professionally. We serve the drinks in elegant company glasses and mugs. We have as many as six types of glass, which you can take with you as a souvenir for a small fee. We also sell beer to go, poured on site and capped with three types of caps. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 12:00 to 20:00, and from Friday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00. Of course, we serve breakfast from the morning, before the restaurant opens.

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Food on-site

Local products(beer)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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Salio Equisport Resort  - Will I not be bored?
Salio Equisport Resort  - Will I not be bored?

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We have 13 ha of land, a stable full of mounts, a brewery, billiards, a restaurant, bicycles and Nordic walking sticks. Everyone will find a place for themselves and an activity that suits them. From lying on the stomach to gallop through the surrounding meadows. Horses play the main role here, because it all started with them. So if you've always wanted to try your hand at the saddle, you've come to the perfect place. Our dream was to create a place where horse riding enthusiasts and those who previously had nothing to do with horses can spend their time in good conditions. Here, after a day spent in a hurry and the stress of metropolitan centers, you can react to horses, not necessarily in the saddle, but also by observing them in the company of people professionally associated with this sport. We organize world-class equestrian events throughout the year. We run a horse riding school where you can learn the basics or polish your skills under the watchful eye of experienced trainers. We organize summer and winter riding camps, saddle holidays and green schools where you can improve your dressage skills. In Salio, we have bikes for you, thanks to which you can explore the whole area and spend time actively. We also have Nordic walking poles for hikers. Specially prepared places for bonfires will make all-night holdings an integral part of your holiday. Each season of the year is a pretext for us to organize exceptional events. We invite music bands to concerts, we prepare a feast with goose meat for Saint Martin, we celebrate the Friesian Horse, we celebrate Oktoberfest with beer from our brewery, we celebrate St. It is bustling, joyful and carefree throughout the year.

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What’s there for children?

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Drunk guys and perky girls are always welcome. We have several hectares of attractions for them, a whole stable of fun, two fun circles and a playroom. For small and large horse riding enthusiasts, we organize summer and winter riding camps under the supervision of experienced instructors. We offer classes in a professional equestrian sports hall. In addition to the rich program related to horse riding and the life of the stables, there will also be time for blissful recreation: balloon games, badminton, karaoke, board games, hiking, discos, bonfires, film evenings. As if that was not enough, we recommend attractions in the vicinity: - Uniejów Thermal Baths, - DINOPARK Jurassic and Botanical Park, - The land of wild duck - it is the kingdom of wild birds, frogs, wild boars, green meadows and rustling forests, - Experimentarium in Manufaktura, - Apiary in Lipka - the apiary is located on the edge of the Lodz Heights Landscape Park.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Besiekierz Rudny 50, Besiekierz Rudny, Łódź Province, Poland

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Single room 246 PLN/room 1 person
Double room 350 PLN/room 2 people
Superior single apartment 312 PLN/room 1 person
Superior double apartment 504 PLN/room 2 people
5-person apartment 1485 PLN/room 5 people
Extra bed 100 zloty 1 person
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Breakfast is additionally paid 40 PLN / adult, 20 PLN / child The fee for a pet is PLN 50 / day

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Spędziliśmy razem z chłopakiem 2 dni w tym urokliwym miejscu. Obsługa bardzo miła, zadbała o każdy szczegół oraz udzieliła potrzebnych informacji. Pokoje bardzo ładne i czyste. Dodatkowo mieliśmy przyjemność skorzystać z jazdy konnej bez żadnego problemu! serdecznie polecamy, cudowne miejsce na odpoczynek :)


Miejsce przygotowane z rozmachem i z udziałem dobrych architektów. Wspólne przestrzenie są bardzo gustownie urządzone. Pokoje natomiast małe, po wstawieniu dostawki dla 12-latka, walizki można było otwierać tylko na łóżkach. W pokojach jest dużo much z uwagi na bliskość stajni. Ta informacja powinna być w opisie. Dużym mankamentem jest zła komunikacja personelu z gośćmi. W sobotę było organizowane wesele, nikt nas nie uprzedził, że od godziny 18 nie będzie można korzystać z restauracji, podobnie z niedzielą. Restauracja była dostępna od godz. 15, bo organizowano 2 przyjęcia komunijne. Można były co prawda w tym czasie zjeść posiłki w tzw. Trattorii, z tym że w menu są wyłącznie zapiekanki, pizze i makarony, a napoje podawane w plastikach. Z innych przypadków słabej komunikacji, prośba o nową piłeczkę do ping-ponga spotkała się z nieprzyjemną uwagą, a piłeczki nie dostaliśmy. Co ciekawe, prośba o kontakt z instruktorem jazdy konnej (numer telefonu przekazany przez recepcjonistkę) pomimo 6 wykonanych połączeń i napisanego SMS pozostała bez reakcji. Córce bardzo zależało na jeździe konnej, wydawało nam się że w takim miejscu nie będzie z tym problemu, a jednak się nie udało, a przecież gospodarze zapewniają w opisie, że główną rolę grają tu konie.


Ciekawe miejsce, dookoła cisza i spokój. W restauracji brakowało mi dań bezmięsnych , ale to co było było smaczne. Dla dzieci mały plac zabaw. Pokoje wygodne.

4.0 3 opinii