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Siedlisko Niedziela

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Location Polska, Mazury, Zyndaki
It was supposed to be a house in Kazimierz, but Kazimierz does not look like a summer in Cornwall. He did not spill snow in it in winter, as in Zyndaki. There was no orchard in Kazimierz with old apple trees and a million mirabelle, and such a hill overlooking the valley and two lakes like here. We called the habitat "Niedziela". From the old name of our town in Prussian times - Sontag and this metropolitan dream that someday "Sunday will be for us". We hung a chandelier in the barn, set up couches, easels, looms and passed on our love for fabrics, weaving and creation. We built a clay oven in the garden. We have a big table in the kitchen. Cushions under the trees. Arbor and terraces. You will find here a lot of space and sensual sensations - 6 hectares of wild fragrant meadows, a view of the phenomenal valley and vast hills, an old orchard with the spring fragrance of flowers on fruit trees and busy buzzing of bees, larks trela the fields, and under the forest and valley a crane cluster, croaking of frogs in a pond, a soothing stream murmur in the ravine, and autumn smell of leaves and mushrooms, the sound of the forest and the taste of organic apples ... Every day we have a Sunday here. What you want - lazy, active, family, lonely and among friends. There is space and space for everything. And so Sunday is finally for us. And for you.

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Dzidka Przetacka
I moved out of my hometown, to fulfill my dreams of a simple healthy life surrounded by nature and close contact with it, to be able to breathe deeply clean air and enjoy the eyes of phenomenal Nature. A coach by profession, a passionator of slowlife, a simple life based on simple values. Together with a partner - an archaeologist, historian, and a passionate of traditional crafts, especially weaving - we have created a place of perfect rest in the embrace of wild nature, while also giving the opportunity to launch their own layers of creativity and creative passions. And the road to the dream place was long and winding, full of obstacles but also great coincidences and beautiful people ... but this is a story for idyllic evenings in Siedlisko Niedziela :)

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish

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self-cooking + breakfast basket (additional fee)
self-cooking + breakfast basket (additional fee)
intimate house on the hill overlooking the valley and the lake
intimate house on the hill overlooking the valley and the lake
creative place: Stodoła Kreatywna
creative place: Stodoła Kreatywna
dogs by appointment (we have our pets)
dogs by appointment (we have our pets)
reset and quiet in the wild nature
reset and quiet in the wild nature
in the old orchard
in the old orchard

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The house is on a hill, looks at the valley, and on both sides there are lakes in the silence zone, connected with a shy beginning of its course, Krutynia. We have 500 meters to the nearest neighbors. There are 5 rooms for guests, each with a different character. In the rooms downstairs a lot of old brick, and on top of aged wood. 1. Double - Clouds in the sky - on the ground floor with a separate exit to the backyard garden. He has the wicker chairs necessary to catch the climate, a wall of old brick and a lot of space. - Joy in the morning - also on the ground floor with two single beds (can be folded into one) and a sofa bed (there is room for additional people), a rug on a brick wall and a private terrace. - and two smaller twos on the first floor with a wall made of larch old logs - Blooming apple trees - with a view of the orchard and Wild meadows - looking at the hillside sinking in herbs, grasses, flowers ... 2. Quadruple - Green hills - upstairs (it will fit 6 people, but we prefer to treat it as a comfortable four), divided into two parts: in the main part two single beds and a comfortable sofa bed, and in the annex behind the curtain also two single beds and a wicker chair to it was more intimate and intimate ... We spend our free time in so many places that there will be enough space for everyone. we are occasionally: - in the kitchen and dining room and on the spacious terrace. They are located in one friendly space and, as usually happens, everything important is happening at the table. New acquaintances, friends meeting and winko or our naleweczki evening dress ... - on the benches under the trees, in a secluded place in the orchard, where you can stay alone with each other ... - on the sunny terrace, on deckchairs and couches by the pond - in the garden, where there is a clay oven and you can make the best pizza in the east of Milan - in Creative Barn. We have a loom there, a lot of cloths and fabrics, coloring books and crayons, easels ... And plenty of space to sit on couches and seats ...

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What will I eat?

Siedlisko Niedziela - What will I eat?
Siedlisko Niedziela - What will I eat?
Siedlisko Niedziela - What will I eat?

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We do not cook in Siedlisko Sunday. But we have a nice kitchen with a large table, where magical things happen, if you want. From morning coffee to evening wine. If this is your wish - you will get a breakfast basket from us, and in it a good good: - eggs from the farm "Pod Kogutem" from Piotr Galiński - sheep's cheese from Frontiera Ranches - fish and smoked meat from the area - great bread - milk straight from the cow - our own home-made preserves - honey from the surrounding apiary In the afternoons, you can make a pizza in the garden, sprinkle it with herbs from the garden, then put a cake with raspberries that grow under the house, or chew the strawberries straight from the bed. To those of our guests who are looking for the flavors of the region, we recommend: - delicious lamb from the restaurant "We Młynie" with a gift minus 10% from the bill - Bert's Inn in Święta Lipka - Cheese at the Frontier Ranch - do not go home without them

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Food on-site

Lokalne produkty (eggs, cheese, fish, vegetables, fruits)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In the countryside

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You should get bored here. Here you come for a reset, detachment from the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks and goals, stopping on the run, calm down, getting thoughts, tasting life, unhurriedness in action ... after being here and now ... You walk, possess, create, meditate, relax, and even if you want, you can massage yourself ... But if you have energy and willingness, we suggest: - Creative Barn, where we hang out, realizing creatively. We will show you what you can do with the loom, how to play with the fabric. You can sit here for hours, hide from the sun and cold. - Magical evenings at a blazing fire, under a starry sky. - In the nearby Mragowo, country sounds are still heard. In addition to the festival, every summer weekend is a new concert. - Be sure to come to Święta Lipka - here is a beautiful Marian sanctuary with wonderful organs, presentations of songs and moving figures, and on every summer Friday classical music concerts take place. Then, after impressions for the soul, you can come to the regional, delicious cooking Bert's Inn, to satisfy the body too :) - On Saturdays, it is worth taking a trip to the local ecological market in Jeziorany. - It will be interesting to see a couple in love, two intertwined trees in Krutynia. - You have to jump on nearby Frontier's Ranch and ask for a guided tour, maybe you will also find sheep shears. They make the best cheese there in Poland. - History enthusiasts - see the Hitler's bunker and the almost entirely preserved medieval town of Reszel, the Polish Carcassonne. - Water sports enthusiasts - in Mrągowo and Mikołajki there are sailing boats, water bikes and iceboats in the winter. - In winter, drop by to the ski slope in Mrągowo or cross-country tracks on our hills. - In the summer, you'll get to the best in Poland rafting Krutynia - start already in nearby Sorkwity. Shelves full of books and magazines are also waiting for you: there is no TV for it :)

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What’s there for children?

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We do not have special animations, even a playground. For creative older kids, we have a Creative Barn with looms and materials. Little guests like to make their own pizza and collect raspberries. They will be fine here, as in the countryside.

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How do I get there?

Icon Car

Our address: Zyndaki 53, Zyndaki, Masuria Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

Price per night (without breakfast)
price additional person in the room
Double room 160 PLN/room
Double room extra 180 PLN/room 50 PLN / day
A four-bed room 300 PLN/room 50 PLN / day
breakfast PLN 25 / person
In the autumn and winter period, we only accept groups of 6 to 12 people for a period of at least 4 days - conditions determined individually. From May, until the end of September, we provide single rooms, and if there is a group, it is also an open door for her :) Older children sleeping separately are covered by the rate per night as adults.

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Standard minimum stay: 2 days
Wakacje: 2020-06-25 - 2020-08-27, minimum 5 days
Wielkanoc: 2020-04-10 - 2020-04-13, minimum 3 days
Majówka: 2020-04-30 - 2020-05-04, minimum 3 days
Długi weekend: 2020-06-10 - 2020-06-15, minimum 4 days

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Wspaniale magiczne miejsce,przemili gospodarze,pyszne śniadania,wspomnienie dzieciństwa,raj dla dzieci mimo braku internetu🤩❤🍀🦋 blisko do miejsc które warto zwiedzić!


Wspaniałe, magiczne miejsce... Polecam wszystkim szukającym odskoczni od codzienności. Cudowni gospodarze, romantyczne chwile i.. niesamowite, artystyczne, niezapomniane rozmowy w stodole..., wyostrzające zmysły i baczenie na rzeczywistość.. . Uczta dla umysłu i ciała. "Slow" codzienności i rozkosz płynąca wprost z łąk i pól, otaczających to wspaniałe siedlisko. Kraina spokoju i oderwania od spraw, nieważnych... Dziękujemy za pobyt i ... wrócimy na pewno!!! Sylwia, Krzysztof, lek i Karolina - WROCŁAW, niedaleko... dla nas 10 !!!


Spędziliśmy tydzień w Siedlisku Niedziela - i to jest zdecydowanie za krótko. Brakuje mi tego spokoju i tej ciszy - choć właściwie raczej nie tyle ciszy, co muzyki świerszczy, towarzyszącej nam całą dobę, przerywanej tylko od czasu do czasu klangorem żurawi. I tego zapachu łąk, które otaczają Siedlisko. Sielsko po prostu. A jednocześnie blisko do pobliskich miejscowości, chociażby urokliwego Reszla. Jeszcze bliżej do pysznej restauracji We Młynie i do Rancza Frontiera z pysznymi serami. Bardzo polecam :-)

4.5 24 opinii