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Camping and glamping
Icon Max 12 people
Icon With animals

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Tatra Glamp

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Location Poland, Podhale Region, Bukowina Tatrzańska
Even the oldest highlanders in their wildest dreams could not imagine that one day in the vicinity of the Tatra National Park, such wonders would appear on a mountain among the trees. They look like an igloo, have a large window to the Tatra Mountains and are cosy like a shelter in Hala Kondratowa in winter. You will find them not far from the centre of Bukowina Tatrzańska, accompanied by a mountain and grazing sheep. There is no single recipe for a holiday in Podhale. You can wander around Krupówki and bargain for a tuft stuck in amber, take photos with a teddy bear, climb the highest peaks or not leave the inn for a while. We have a slightly different idea for you. Wake up in fresh linen overlooking the mountains, bare feet on the grass and fresh coffee overlooking the mountain. We invite you to the domes, which is a luxurious rest in modern spherical domes. Here, elements of folk architecture are combined with modern solutions, and from the panoramic window, you can admire a beautiful view and wild animals in the natural environment. Meet the Tatra Mountains in the GLAM version.

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Highlanders have hospitality in our genes. From our grandfather, we were taught honesty, we were infected with a great heart to people and local traditions and customs were instilled in us. Running TATRA GLAMP domes is also accompanied by a hot heart and fiery temperament. We put a lot of passion into it and we want you to look at the Tatras from a different, broad perspective. To meet your expectations, we have created a place that is as close to nature as possible, and at the same time provides luxury at the highest mountain level.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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We will host 12 people
We will host 12 people
4 luxurious flaps with heating and air conditioning
4 luxurious flaps with heating and air conditioning
Stunning view of the Tatra Mountains
Stunning view of the Tatra Mountains
Place not adapted to animals
Place not adapted to animals
Best ski lifts of the Tatra Mountains
Best ski lifts of the Tatra Mountains
Terrace with furniture for reading and sipping coffee
Terrace with furniture for reading and sipping coffee

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 4 houses
Icon for up to 3 people
Icon 30 m²
Icon bathroom: 1
Icon king bed : 1
Icon single bed : 1
Icon We accept small dogs, medium dogs, cats

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Klapnioki, i.e. modern spherical tents will provide you with comfortable relaxation and rest at the highest Tatra level. You do not have to worry that the wind will blow over your heads and the rain will flood your suitcases. It's not that type of camping. Each tent is equipped with a heating stove and an air conditioner for cold nights and hot afternoons. They are also equipped with wide comfortable double beds, a mezzanine bed, comfortable armchairs in which you can enjoy fresh coffee straight from the coffee machine, a mini bar and a fully equipped bathroom made of ecological materials with a shower cabin. There is also a terrace with a seating set at your disposal. Reaching us is not so easy, but these are mountains. From the parking lot located on the main road, you have to go down the mountain steps and paths. As a reward, four, 3-person spherical domes with the proprietary name of Klapnioki await you. Each Klapniok is finished in a different style, although all of them have comfortable double beds, a bed on the mezzanine, a comfortable armchair, a bathroom with a shower and a view worth admiring. Choose one that suits your style: - women's Madame Josephine flapper, - the folk Marysieńka clapper, - cozy Taraska clapper, - not so wild klapniok Dziki Bronek. As befits a luxury camping, snow-white towels, bathrobes and bed linen are at your disposal. Tatra Glamp is pet-friendly, an additional fee applies.

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What will I eat?

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Imagine having breakfast on the garden terrace in the warm sunshine. You are wrapped in a warm bathrobe, drinking hot, aromatic coffee. This is what paradise and Tatra Glamp look like. This is what the scenery of a hand-made breakfast can look like. Each klapniok is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle and coffee maker, so that preparing breakfast is as simple as a wire for you. In a nearby delicatessen, 100 meters away, you can buy warm bread and fresh products, from which you can prepare a delicious breakfast. When you get hungry and your body craves calories, delicious lunch and tasty dinner, nearby restaurants should meet your sophisticated tastes and provide a heavenly experience offering regional or more sophisticated types of cuisine. You will eat well in: - Pod Miedzą Restaurant on ul. Sportowa 1, - Zbójecki Łygotnik inn at the Bukovina Hotel on ul. Sportowa 22, - Tavern at Leśnego Street Tadeusza Kościuszki 170, - Restaruacji View in Hotel Harnaś on ul. Wierch Buńdowy 11, - Magda Gessler's Shelter of Tastes at ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 94.

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Food on-site

Local products(goat cheese, sheep cheese)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the mountains

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When you return to Klapnioka, tired of mountain trips, you will only think about rest and relaxation. Lying on a soft large bed, you will look through the panoramic window and freeze about the jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool - Bukovina thermal baths - you are lucky. It is only a 10 minute walk from us. Such luxuries in a highlander edition! However, if you are not a hiker and prefer cycling or horse riding, we also have an alternative for you. Less than 150 m from here you will find a horse stud, where you can start your adventure with horse riding. When you feel confident in the saddle, you can discover the charms of Podhale from the horse's back. Mountain, road and downhill biking enthusiasts will find here bicycle routes for themselves. From the famous route of the TDP royal stage, to gentler forest routes for mountain biking through technically demanding MTB / downhill runs. In winter, Bukowina Tatrzańska, as the cradle of skiing in Poland, will provide enthusiasts of white madness: ski touring routes, cross-country tracks, large ski stations, T-bar lifts, snowmobile areas. Remember that it gets dark at Morskie Oko in the evening, and carriages should become a thing of the past, because you can easily get there on foot. The village of Czarna Góra, about 8 km away, is a place with interesting monuments. Among them, one definitely stands out. It is a wooden farm situated in Zagórze, which was created thanks to the efforts of the Korkosz family. It is appreciated largely because it presents a classic, conspiratorial layout of the homestead, i.e. the transition from the original cottage with a stable, to a 20th-century farm with many buildings.

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What’s there for children?

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Children in the mountains run like chamois and breathe fully. Ordinary sticks are ciupags, and every boy becomes Janosik for a moment. Red beads and a hat with shells are great achievements and holiday souvenirs, as well as the stone collected from the route to Morskie Oko. A lot of emotions are provided by sheep grazing just behind the copper and cows mooing under the window. After the whole day, you should have hot chocolate, cheese in your hand and the legend of sleeping knights in the Tatra Mountains.

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Additionally available

Crib for babies
Bath tub for babies

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Attractions for children in the area

termy BUKOVINA (500 km)

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Słoneczna 8, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Podhale Region, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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800 PLN for a flapper / day (no meals)

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Icon Maximum number of guests: 12 people

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Iglo i widok fajny ale na 5 gwiazdek to nie zasluguje. Na tydzien przed wyjazdem probowalam sie skontaktowac z gospodarzem i nikt mi nie odpisywal na moje wiadomosci. Na miejscu okazalo sie, ze telefon kontaktowy, ktory mialam ze strony juz jest nieaktualny i pani podala mi kolejny a ta osoba rowniez kolejny numer. Iglo zamawialismy Mademoiselle, rezerwacje mialam od roku a na miejscu sie okazalo, ze dostalismy zupelnie inne bo ponoc nie ma to znaczenia bo i tak ukladaja klientow jak im pasuje. Tamto nasze ponoc przygotowane zostalo na dluzsze pobyty. Wystarczylo nas o tym poinformowac zeby uniknac rozczarowania. W takim razie po co pozwala sie klientom wybierac okreslone iglo skoro i tak nie ma to znaczenia na koncu? W opisie byly szlafroki, ktorych niestety nie znalezlismy. Aneks kuchenny bardzo ubogo wyposazony. Kubki dwa duze a bylismy we czworke, miseczka jedna i zadnego ostrego noza do owocow czy rozkrojenia bulki. Nie bylo tez zadnej sciereczki do naczyn a gabka tez nie byla swieza, chyba po poprzednich klientach. Lodowka wcisnieta w aneks z otwieranymi drzwiczkami w druga strone co utrudnialo wyciaganie produktow bo nie dalo sie wejsc za grzejnik. Mysle ze wystarczy przelozenie drzwiczek lub kupienie takiej lodowki, ktora bedzie sie otwierala w dogodna strone. Dalabym 3.5 gwiazdki, piec gwiazdek jedynie za widok bo naprawde byl powalajacy.


Bardzo klimatyczne miejsce, dobra baza wypadowa zarówno jak i na wyjazd nakierunkowany na relaks - Termy Bukowina i smaczne jedzonko - Hotel Harnaś tuż obok, jak i na górskie wycieczki - blisko do punktów wypadowych na kolejne wspinaczki. Obiekt usytuowany w centrum Bukowiny, niestety średnio wyizolowany, słychać odgłosy z sąsiednich namiotów. Mimo tego, że byliśmy w połowie września, zaliczyliśmy opady śniegu i dosyć niską temperaturę - grzejnik dawał radę i pobyt w nieco jesiennych warunkach miał swój urok.


Super pomysł na nietuzinkowe spanie w górach :) bardzo polecam ze wzgl. na unikatowość , przemiłych właścicieli , wystrój , czystość miejsca i widok z "iglo". Dodatkowym atutem jest bliskość sklepu (po drugiej str. ulicy - niestety przez bliskość drogi nie jest jakoś super cicho siedząc na zewnątrz przy ławie z kawą , ale za to w środku kopuła całkiem ładnie izoluje odgłosy) i możliwość łatwego parkowania oraz okolica (na piechotę Terma Bukovińska, karczmy, sklep , spacery widokowe, Hotel Harnaś gdzie można bardzo smacznie zjeść, również wegetariańsko i wegańsko). Z praktycznych informacji - jeśli ktoś chce jakoś wielce gotować - to nie ten typ apartamentu (polecam wziąć niewielką ilość rzeczy do lodóweczki i coś co można zalać wrzątkiem, np. płatki owsianne na śniadanie , bo nie ma kuchenki; ale jak ktoś jest fanem, to jest mikrofala!). Łatwo można zagrzać sobie kopułę w nocy - przez małą powierzchnię i wydajny grzejnik elektryczny bardzo szybko robi się cieplutko ; trochę dłużej schodzi, żeby w ciągu dnia uzyskać optymalny chłod w razie upału - ale klimatyzator daje radę, więc cierpliwości :) Polecam - na pewno warto odwiedzić !

5.0 6 opinii